Head of Operations


¡Tenemos una invitación de Hipocampus!

Would you like to be a Head of Operations in Hipocampus Centros de Aprendizaje. This is a powerful opportunity for a leading entrepreneur with a deep interest in social innovation and early childhood education as a way to break poverty cycles.

Hipocampus objective is to provide superior and affordable community driven early childcare and education in Mexico. We do this by owning and operating best practice learning centers focused on children from 1 to 6 years old. To support working moms and provide a service affordable to most families, we partner with corporates to establish centers fully adapted to their needs and employ local women as community educators.

As the Head of Operations you will have the opportunity to:

• Create high quality learning and livelihood opportunities for children from low-income communities and their mothers.

• Position the business for reaching scale, setting up operations and closing negotiations with key partners.

• Ensure all aspects of daily operations run effectively and efficiently. Your primary role will be to provide leadership and the support function to Hipocampus in order for it to achieve its vision and strategic objectives. This means:

a) Open 8 Learning Centers during 2018.

b) Develop a scaling strategy and operations. Objective: 100 centers in 5 years.

c) Implement scaling strategy and open 20 centers in 2019.

Mas información: https://www.hipocampus.mx
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